Tuesday, 5 June 2012

officially a graduate!

So, last week I graduated! I am now officially a social worker! That is my beautiful degree above and you can see my shadow in the reflection haha.

My graduation was lovely. My parents came to town and we went out for some very, very nice meals. My parents gave me some lovely roses and Alex gave me a beautiful orchid so I can enjoy my graduation flowers for months and months to come AND he gave me the beautiful Joanna Newsom record, Have One on Me, which I've been coveting for a long time (isn't the album artwork beautiful?). I'm a lucky girl. So many friends and family mailed me cards and sent me well wishes, I had no idea graduating was such a big deal but I guess it is! I'm very proud to be a social worker, now I just need to get a good job!


  1. Aw, a HUGE congrats, lady! What an enormous accomplishment, and what lovely little prezzies to celebrate your big day! (I've been dying for that record for some time, too!). Thanks for visiting bigBANG, and yes, you MUST visit Wyoming (those pics are of Montana but not far from the border) one of these days. My favorite part of the US, for sure. xo