Monday, 2 July 2012

canada day long weekend

This past weekend was Canada day long weekend and it was wonderful. I had to work Saturday and Sunday but was able to get Sunday night off just in time to see the fireworks at the Halifax waterfront. Last year, my family was visiting at this time and it being my first summer here, we coincidently had dinner right on the water and lingered just long enough to see a beautiful fireworks display. It was so beautiful! I had never seen fireworks like that before. I literally had to put my hand over my mouth because I kept gasping, quite loudly. This year did not disappoint. Its been extremely hot in the city for the past few days and after the night before which was filled with drinking and a day spent in the sun and then at work, I was pooped but we picked ourselves up, put on some red and white and marched with fellow Haligonians downtown. The waterfront was packed with people and it was so nice to see children taking in all the loud sounds and beautiful displays. I loved the sense of community I felt.

Its been a really great long weekend. It was especially nice to have Alex off work and with me for more time than we usually get on weekends. I am so proud to be a Canadian. Our country still has a long way to go in terms of equity and environmental appreciation but we definitely have a lot to be proud of.

In other news, in honor or Nora Ephron's passing, I persuaded Alex to watch When Harry Met Sally with me today. God I love that movie. The writing and dialogue is genius. Nora was an amazing writer and director and she will definitely be missed. I am such a fan of a romantic comedy that is done well, and she really knew how to write/direct them.

I teared up at the end which was a little embarrassing at first but then I decided to embrace it. Its fine to show emotion during such a heartfelt film! Also, I would kill for Meg Ryan's hair in this movie. She's a beauty for sure. Next up, You've Got Mail. Not sure if I'll be able to convince Alex to watch this one with me but I do love a solo movie night too.


  1. So sweet. I love those movies! Meg Ryan is pretty awesome.

  2. The fireworks photo is so beautiful! I wish I could see such beautiful firework! I haven't seen a real firework for years now as my city prohibit it for safety.