Wednesday, 1 August 2012

some time away

Things have been tough around here lately, I am not going to lie. Working part-time at a job that is extremely emotionally draining while feeling so frustrated that you can't find full-time work (even after 6 years of education and experience!) is the worst. I am trying to remain positive that something will come my way because I've certainly been paying my dues, but its really hard sometimes. What makes things worse is that I've been taking it out on Alex, since he is someone I love and trust and it just isn't fair. We are going home in a few weeks (to my home) to visit some friends and my family and I can't wait for the break in routine. I've felt a little trapped in Halifax lately, since theres only so much you can do all day every day, and without a full-time job to break things up it can get pretty boring.

Luckily, this weekend is a long weekend in Canada and on a bit of a whim, Alex and I decided we are going to PEI! Even though I have little funds to spare we are making it work somehow. It seems quite poignant since we were just talking about how much we need to get away AND we've been watching old Anne of Green Gables movies. I am so excited, it is just what we need. We are saving a lot of money too by borrowing a friend's car (no rental car fees, woo hoo) and staying at the university in Charlottetown which is right downtown, only $60 a night! I've never been to PEI before and this will complete my visits to all 4 maritime provinces. I've been longing to visit Green Gables and see the famous red sand. I will definitely be taking some pictures to show on here!

Also, sorry for the lack of posting lately. As I said before, I've been in a sour mood which makes posting pretty difficult at times. Hopefully PEI and a visit to Ontario (home) will be just what I need, although a job offer wouldn't hurt!

Hope your summers going well!

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