Saturday, 2 November 2013


Well things have been slow here as of late. A lot has changed but I'm hoping to get back into the blogging once again, hopefully this time it sticks! This summer was amazing. A and I went backpacking through South America and California for 3.5 months and man was it incredible. Still cannot believe we did all the things we did and it's all over! I'll hopefully post a few pictures from our travels sometime soon.

For now though, we are living in Montreal! I am going to school here so we have moved from Halifax (so hard to leave and I miss that city every day). We really like it here. It is definitely way bigger than any other place we've lived but its pretty fantastic. We love our new apartment, so large and so cheap (thank you rent-control)! Here are some pictures from our travels around the city. In many ways it feels like our summer travelling hasn't ended because we've been able to explore so much since we've moved here. It's pretty awesome getting to know a city.

One of our first stops was Old Montreal, here is the stunning Notre Dame.

So far my favourite park is the small Outremont park which is surrounded by old victorian homes.

Another great park is La Fontaine, theres a huge pond running through it. I can't wait to skate on it in the winter!

Oh geez. I am posting way too much about parks... this is the view from Mont Royal of downtown (one of the biggest parks in the city).

Drinking wine (trying to be stealth) in La Fontaine. 

Here is our apartment! This was when we had just moved in but this is a massive double living room, compared to our quaint Halifax abode this is a major upgrade. We are really enjoying the space.

Some new plants!

Well thats it for now. I will post a few more pictures & stories in the days to come.

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