Friday, 28 March 2014

This winter….

This winter starting off well. I had heard about how long and freezing Montreal winters can be so I chose to embrace this winter by spending lots of time outdoors hiking, skating and visiting to Quebec city for Carnaval where we even went dog sledding (I got in trouble for petting the dogs, big surprise there). After February, the magic of winter had long since faded and the fact that it snowed a few days ago has made things even more lack-luster. The snow is all slushy and brown, people are grumpy and just plain exhausted from the freezing wind! Everyone reassures me that the summer in Montreal makes things all worth while and I cannot wait to drink wine in the park (it's legal here!), start my balcony garden and bike to work. I sure am proud to have made it through this winter and spent much of outside (although we did binge watch House of Cards on netflix… who didn't?) but spring and summer will be welcomed with open arms!

As for the pictures, these are just a summary of some winter highlights: our trip to Quebec City (such a charming city), my belated Christmas gift from A: an oncidium orchid that smells like vanilla and chocolate, i'm obsessed, skating on the giant pond in la fontaine, drying valentine ranunculus and lastly the bustling art festival nuit blanche. 

Bring on the spring mother nature!


  1. love this post, and your blog in general! would love for you to take a second and browse mine! It's similar covering Lifestyle, fashion and general trends!

  2. those dog sledding photos are so cool!! that is something i would LOVE to try.

    1. Thanks! It was really fun, if you ever get the chance to do it you should!