Friday, 11 April 2014


Spring is here!! We've now had quite a few days without a chance of snow and the sun has been so bright. Yesterday I went for a nice long walk to grab a few things for spring. I bought this new table runner (stretched my budget quite a bit but I'm so in love with it), picked up some tulips and irises and bought some seeds for my balcony garden this summer.

Yesterday I finished my last day of classes in my academic career, theres still a lot more for me to finish before I graduate from my Masters but I'm trying to relish in this small milestone. Its pretty exciting! Thats what I told myself when I bought an obscene amount of flowers anyways. 

The best part of spring for me is the improvement in mood. I've been able to run outside almost every day and it makes such a difference. I feel much more sprightly! Shopping for flowers was also such a lovely experience. My favourite flower shop was teeming with rare orchids and many other spring flowers. I could have spent all day in there. The owner was actually friendly to me too (usually he's a bit grumpy and preoccupied), maybe its the effects of spring?

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