Saturday, 2 February 2013


Whoa so things have been very slow on here as of late, I apologize but is anyone really reading this anyways?

Since September A and I have moved into our new apartment and we are loving it. It feels like we've been here for years and the space is perfect for two people. Initially I was very worried about the lack of light in our apartment and the possibility of our plants dying, but they have survived and some of them have even thrived in their new spot!

I found two new jobs after deciding to give the social work job hunt a breather. It was causing me a lot of stress and was making me feel very depressed so I figured I would give it a rest. For a few months I was working as a chef in an Italian restaurant which was a huge change to the kind of work I usually do. It was a great learning experience and helped me to learn that the cooking lifestyle maybe isn't for me, I much prefer to be my own head chef and cook from home. Plus the hours were crazy, working mostly evenings does not make for a happy social life or relationship! Since leaving that job I've been working as a nanny with a family near by. This job is definitely not perfect, but it pays the bills and I have always loved working with children. I'm learning a lot about the responsibilities of being a parent and it has made me think a lot about how we will raise our children some day. What a crazy role being a parent is!

In December I applied for my Masters of Social work to three schools on a bit of a whim. A and I both decided that we are ready to leave Halifax and move on to different city and going to school would be an excellent opportunity to do so. I am not too optimistic about my prospects, because of my lack of social work experience but we shall see! If I don't get in to any of the schools we've decided to move to Victoria, BC and explore yet another province of this beautiful country. So really any option will be a nice and exciting change for us.

But perhaps the most exciting news for us are our travel plans. In May we are travelling to South America, Mexico and California for 3.5 months. It is going to be amazing and we are so anxious to explore new places, learn more about these countries and have some amazing adventures. The planning process has been a bit slow going but eventually things will all fall into place, we still have lots of time.

I just wanted to post about a few things I have been intrigued by lately.

First off, Anais Mitchell. Oh my! She is just lovely, I'm a little bummed I only discovered her recently but trust me, I am making up for lost time! Here is her awesome Tiny Desk Concert:

Also, I recently read this article and it blew me away. Some people are just so strong and astonishing. It's worth the read for sure.

Recently the Banff Mountain Film festival came to Halifax and although some of the films were a bit disappointing in comparison to previous years, this film really captured me. These guys are hilarious and so brave (albeit a little naive/crazy). I would recommend seeing this film about their travels within Antartica if you get a chance, its a wild journey and it definitely made me feel guilty about complaining about -16 degree weather.

Also, A and I watched this movie today and all I can say is (excuse the language) MIND FUCK! A must see if you like documentaries with surprise twists!


Lastly, I've been reading Cheryl Strayed's Wild recently (for much too long actually, life just gets in the way sometimes... or excuses do) and it is amazing. It is getting me very excited to travel.

That is all. I hope I can post a bit more in the future, I do miss it!

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