Saturday, 16 February 2013

flowers & valentines

I've been receiving some pretty awesome flowers lately from A, which has been really nice. The lilies pictured above smelt amazing and made our apartment so fresh! The second picture were my valentines flowers, they are gladiolus flowers and are such a beautiful poppy red. A also made me the sweetest card, a picture of a valentine he made for his mother 17 years ago, so so sweet. On valentines day we went to our favourite greek restaurant and had such a nice meal. The restaurant gave every lady a rose (A was mad that the men didn't get roses too, haha) and the food was, as usual, amazing. For an extra treat we went to a cheesecake restaurant next door for dessert. I got the white chocolate mint cheesecake which was delicious. All in all it was a great day! I even got a valentine from my dad which is a nice tradition, he loves to say that he was my first valentine.

Even though valentines day can be a bit problematic, due to its exclusive nature, it felt nice to celebrate and appreciate the love I have in my life. I hope to have many more like this one.

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